Garlic Particles

文章來源:天源蒜業 發布日期:2011-10-13 9:32:37

Product Description
Dehydrated Garlic Granules
1) Color: Nice light yellow
2) Size:
A) 8-16mesh: 1.25-2.5mm
B) 16-26mesh: 0.71-1.25mm
C) 26-40mesh: 0.45-0.71mm
D) 40-80mesh: 0.10-0.45mm
3) Moisture: 6.0% max
4) Sulfur dioxide: Less 50ppm
Packing Condition:
Inner packing: 2 x 12.5kg/aluminum foil bag
Outer packing: 25kg/carton

Supply Period: All the year round 

or according to customer's requirments

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