Garlic in the Medicine Cabinet

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 It is a spice that has been used for centuries by chefs around the world. It is thought to protect against vampires if worn around the neck. Its wild form is an endangered plant in some areas, because of over-harvesting. Garlic can be found in most people¡¯s kitchens, and now many people believe that perhaps it should be kept in the medicine cabinet.

The beneficial effects of eating garlic (Allium sativum L.) are many and diverse ranging from lowering blood lipid and cholesterol levels, to inhibiting platelet aggregation, to acting as a potent antibacterial. Although the mechanisms for these effects have yet to be proven, it is believed that it is the many sulphur containing compounds found in garlic that are responsible. The allyl thiosulfinates are a group of organosulphur compounds that have a unique chemistry and are responsible for the pungent odour characteristic of garlic.

The popularity of garlic and the growing belief that it can be good for the health has given rise to many garlic pills and capsules - even some products that won¡¯t leave you with garlic breath. However, when purchasing such products, it is important to check what the levels of allyl thiosulfinates are. The amount of active ingredient and not the price should be used to decide which product to buy. Garlic is easy to grow and is usually not that expensive to buy fresh. But again, not all garlic is equal. Growing conditions can greatly affect the amounts of allyl thiosulfinates in the garlic.

More information on the medicinal uses of garlic can be found at the Garlic  .

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